Our Work

Almost every student struggles sometimes, whether in receiving a low grade on an exam or experiencing difficulties making friends. Yet for students aware of pervasive stereotypes about their ability and already wondering, “Can I belong?” or “Can I do this?”, discouraging or ambiguous signals make it easy and reasonable to infer “I don’t belong” or “I can’t do this” during periods of difficulty. CTC works to identify and understand key points in a student’s college journey that can be critical to sustaining or undermining students' sense that they can be successful in college, and where psychologically attuned approaches can help their students reach their full potential. By creating learning environments that help students feel competent, valued, and connected to others, we can help more students persist through the inevitable challenges of higher education and graduate with their degree.

How We Work

Rigorous R&D

We select areas of research based on school and student needs, ground our work in scientific theory, and rigorously assess everything we create across diverse contexts.

Collaborative Partnerships

We partner with researchers, administrators, educators, and practitioners across the higher education community to ensure the greatest potential for positive student impact.

Accessible Resources

We create evidence-based, cost-effective, and user-friendly tools and resources supporting practitioners to implement more psychologically attuned practices across the college journey.