Blog Posts

Communicating With Your Students About the Capitol Hill Insurrection: Brief Suggestions for Instructors
In this blog post, members of the CTC team provide suggestions for speaking with students about the Insurrection at the United States Capitol, and supporting students needs during ongoing threats of political violence.

Revising Your Syllabi (and Your Courses) with Equity, Belonging and Growth in Mind
In this blog post, Dr. Kathryn Boucher, CTC PI, and Dr. Krysti Ryan, CTC Project Director, reimagine the task of writing syllabi: viewing it as an opportunity to introduce a plan for learning that will support the success of all students, regardless of personal circumstances.
This post was originally published on the Student Experience Project website.

Communication for Classroom Equity: How to Foster Equity in Your Course By Helping Students Hear What You Mean
Faculty like you care about your students’ success and well-being, and want to make your course a place that supports equity. Being mindful of the way you are messaging your course is one more way you can work towards that goal. In this blog post, Drs. Christine Logel, Kathryn Boucher, and Mary Murphy describe three examples of when you, as an instructor, may be communicating a different message than the one you are trying to send, and how that might be contributing to inequities in your classroom.