Our Team

CTC comprises researchers, staff, and advisors across the U.S. and Canada. We invite interested researchers to join our network and interested applicants to view open career opportunities.

To learn more about CTC's culture and what matters to us, read about our values and approach to diversity and meet our staff


Greg Walton, Associate Professor, Stanford University
Mary Murphy, Herman B. Wells Endowed Professor, Indiana University
David Yeager, Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
Christine Logel, Associate Professor, Renison University College, affil. University of Waterloo
Rob Urstein, Managing Director, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Christopher Smith, CTC Executive Director


Amy Henderson, Implementation Manager
Cassie Hartzog, Senior Data Analyst
Chaghig Walker, Project Coordinator
Jen Coakley, Research Coordinator
Kaitlin Mathias, Research Coordinator
Krysti Ryan, Director of Research
Sara Woodruff, Senior Director of Research and Strategy


Carol Dweck, Professor, Stanford University
Geoff Cohen, Professor, Stanford University
Hazel Markus, Professor, Stanford University
Judy Harackiewicz, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Steven Spencer, Professor, The Ohio State University
Dave Paunesku, Executive Director, Stanford University PERTS

Research Fellows

Elise Ozier, Graduate Student, Indiana University
Kathryn Boucher, Assistant Professor, University of Indianapolis; CTC Project PI- Student Experience Project
Katie Kroeper, Post-Doctoral Student, Ohio State University
Nick Bowman, Professor, Mary Louise Petersen Chair in Higher Education, University of Iowa
Shannon Brady, Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University; CTC Project PI- Academic Standing Project

Research Affiliates

Chris Hulleman, Associate Professor, University of Virginia
Christopher Lok, Graduate Student, University of Waterloo
Dustin Thoman, Assistant Professor, San Diego State University
Eric Gomez, Graduate Student, University of Washington
Eric Smith, Post-Doctoral Student, University of Texas at Austin
Evelyn Carter, Senior Consultant, Paradigm Strategy, Inc.
Gregg Muragishi, Graduate Student, Stanford University  
Heidi Williams, Graduate Student, Indiana University  
Jennifer LaCrosse, Post-Doctoral Student, University of Indiana, Bloomington
Joel Le Forestier, Graduate Student, University of Toronto
Lisel Murdock-Perriera, Assistant Professor, Sonoma State University
Madison Gilbertson, Graduate Student, Fuller Theological Seminary
Maithreyi Gopalan, Assistant Professor, The Pennsylvania State University
Matthew O Wilmot, Graduate Student, The Ohio State University  
Melanie Gonzalez, Graduate Student, The University of Texas at Austin
Omid Fotuhi, Research Associate, University of Pittsburgh  
Pete Fisher, Graduate Student, University of California, Los Angeles
Shahana Ansari, Graduate Student, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Stephanie Reeves, Post-Doctoral Student, Indiana University
Susie Chen, Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh  
Tsotso Ablorh, Graduate Student, University of Massachusetts - Boston