Partner Testimonials

"The work on belonging is essential to the success of students in my college. Discovering ways to reinforce that sense and making sure students continue to feel connected are things that I have been able to take away from [CTC’s] research.”

“This work suggests that small, thoughtful, & inexpensive interventions can have a significant impact.”
"I appreciate the generosity in storytelling. There's a wealth of approaches to be considered for growth, and the diversity of the CTC team's exposure to these possibilities helps energize the conversation for our campus needs."
“...the belongingness intervention has really helped our students in a measurable way.”
“CTC helps us re-center our work on students’ experience as whole people through evidence-based practices, which we need to meet our goals.”
“I have found all of the staff very helpful and open to the ideas [we] have presented. The intervention is compelling, and the staff have helped us think about how it fits into our culture of success & retention.”
“Knowing about the questions people are seeking answers to--’do I belong?’ and ‘will it get better?’--has helped us and will continue to help us in ensuring experiences we offer students help answer those questions.”
“[Our] partnership helped foster support for evidence-based, tested initiatives and raised awareness of the importance of mindset across campus.”
“It is a rare opportunity to combine national researchers and university administrators and faculty members to gain a better understanding on a topic of critical importance to higher education.”