Our Mission

The Equity Accelerator’s mission is to create more equitable learning and working environments. We work with colleges and organizations to help them create and sustain Cultures of Growth, where all people have the support, opportunities, and resources they need to thrive. We offer high-impact, low-lift, evidence-based approaches for advancing equitable experiences in higher education and workplace settings that are practical, adaptable, and integrate into what you’re already doing.

Our Vision

We want to create the equitable world that we want to live in! In order to drive this type of transformation, the focus of change needs to be at the cultural level, not just the individual level. We believe in the potential of organizations and their Culture Creators, the powerful people in an environment, to transform their culture through low effort practices they can implement in the course of their usual work.

Our Values

Our values are central to the work we do and how we do it together. We value:


We aspire to address systemic inequities in everything we do by applying an equity lens to research, collaborations, and team culture. We acknowledge and condemn historical and ongoing inequalities across lines of difference, and are committed to creating environments where people from all backgrounds are valued, respected, and thrive.

Cultures of Growth

When people have the support and resources they need to succeed, they thrive. We believe in life long learning, and commit to supporting each other’s development, understanding our failures, growing from our mistakes, and viewing challenges as positive learning opportunities.

Person First

We value our colleagues, clients, and collaborators as whole people, whose lives extend beyond our work together. We respect and support each other as individuals with personal goals, experiences, interests, and preferences.

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