Our Values

At the CTC, we continually put forth effort to create a culture that aligns with our equity-focused mission. The values we have adopted as a team reflect what is most important to both the work that we do and the way we interact with one another. We seek to live these values through the culture we have fostered: one where everyone is treated as an individual, with respect, and where we all have a voice.


What this means to us:

We aspire to address systemic inequities in everything we do--including our research in higher education settings, team practices, and collaborations. Because we recognize that many inequalities are unintentional, we continually look inward to address blind spots and misunderstandings that can deepen societal inequities. We commit to building a diverse and inclusive team.

What this looks like:

  • We select projects based on their potential to improve outcomes for students who have historically lacked equal access to educational opportunities.
  • We engage in reflective and actionable bi-weekly discussions about our progress on equity and diversity initiatives.


What this means to us:

We value everyone as individual human beings, rather than data points. We respect and support students, partners, and our team members as individuals with personal goals, experiences, interests, and preferences.

What this looks like:

  • The work we do is very meaningful to us, but it’s hard work! So, we really value time off for our employees. Mental health days are as valid as traditional sick days and do not need to be justified.

  • Decisions of all kinds are made as a team. All of us are welcome to participate in the interviews for new hires. We discuss the future of the CTC and how to deal with challenges as a team. No one makes big decisions without getting input from others on the team who may be affected.

Change through Collaboration

What this means to us:

We believe sustainable, cross-disciplinary partnerships and teams based in empathy, trust, transparency, humility, and mutual accountability are key to ensuring our work is catalytic to changing the world of higher education.

What this looks like:

  • The work we do depends on a wide variety of researchers, educators, administrators, and students from diverse backgrounds. We incorporate expertise from all of our key stakeholders as we design and iterate on project elements.

  • The core of each of our projects is a partnership. As of 2019, we have partnered with 37 schools, 38 researchers from varying backgrounds and specialities, and 11 organizations, and we are continually forming new collaborations or seeking input from experts as we expand our work.


What this means to us:

We believe research should be iterative and grounded in theory, student and practitioner experiences, and rigorous evaluation practices.

What this looks like:

  • We strive to do research that clearly indicates what works and what doesn’t before making recommendations. To that end, most of our projects are designed to be randomized control trials so we can be sure the results are a function of our interventions. We also pilot test interventions before rolling them out on a large scale, allowing us to fine-tune the intervention and our research methods.

  • As a part of our efforts to evaluate and improve the equitability of our hiring practices, we read the research literature and share what we’ve learned with the rest of the team.

  • We are flexible in our research approach, including the implementation of continuous improvement methods (CI). Grounded in research and best practice, CI methods allow us to generate data and insights more quickly and make adjustments to policy and practice based on what we learn.

Growth Mindset

What this means to us:

We commit to supporting each other in understanding our failures, growing from our mistakes, and viewing challenges as positive learning opportunities.

What this looks like:

  • No one is expected to be an expert on their first day on the job. We provide ample resources to help new team members be successful and we provide all employees with time and funding to pursue professional development opportunities.

  • In our weekly staff meetings, we intentionally share challenges we are facing in our work to normalize adversity and offer one another support and suggest possible solutions.

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